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Mission Statement:

Mission Statement:

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  • Allows Cabinetmakers to focus on design, detail and installation.
  • Significantly increases production without additional overhead expenses.
  • Provides precision machined parts that fit right and assemble fast.
  • Includes detailed CAD drawings for easy assembly.
  • Reduces shop time and allows for more time to focus on customers.
  • Reduces skilled labor.
  • Allows lower Workers Comp. classification.
  • Provides fast project turn-around from drawings through delivery.


"My challenge to Cabinet Components was to create a standard door specification for color and stave width that met my high standards. They delivered and I have used CabinetPac ever since. I wouldn't consider going back to machining my own cabinet parts."

"The more time I spend in my showroom, the more I sell, CabinetPac and Cabnetware make that possible. The cabinet business has changed. We now compete with big box stores on a regular basis. However, with CabinetPac and Cabnetware I have an advantage over the big box stores, I can add my own custom features and spend my time on details, customer service, and thorough quality installation that they can't offer."

Dan and Helen Rieland have owned and operated Dan's cabinets for 29 years. According to Dan, over the years, he has come to realize that the time spent with his customers designing and installing is the most productive and valuable use of his time. Dan credits CabinetPac with cost saving benefits including:

  • Increased sales, productivity and profits.
  • Less employees, lower work comp. classification.
  • Knowledgeable and friendly customer service personnel who have time to know the entire project.
  • Fast turnaround of designs, drawings and quotes.

Dan Rieland

Dan's Cabinets

"If I didn't have access to CabinetPac, I would consider getting out of the cabinet business. CabinetPac has significantly increased the productivity and profitability of my shop. Instead of spending time at a table saw, I can spend my time on finish details and customer service.

"CabinetPac gives me the ability to offer a large variety of wood species without any excess stocking or waste."

Chris Kilsdonk has been making cabinets for over 22 years. In that time, Kilsdonk Cabinets has gone from a one-man operation, to a full production shop. Now, thanks to CabinetPac, Kilsdonk uses less production time, equipment and employees with double the previous output.
Among the many benefits of CabinetPac, Chris points to several key factors that have changed the way he operates his business:

  • Less machine and shop time while increasing output.
  • Consistent and dependable production schedule of 8 days from sign off to delivery.
  • Consistent and accurate parts.
  • Fast response for additional or changed parts.
  • Knowledgeable personnel who know his business and know the cabinet making business.

Chris Kilsdonk

Kilsdonk Cabinets