Stay at Home: Kitchen inspiration

Get inspired on kitchen improvements As you spend more time at home, why not pass the hours by thinking about how you might improve your living environment? Even if you’re not ready to put money into a renovation right now, it’s still fun...

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Bayer Interior Woods to REOPEN!

Bayer Interior Woods Mandatory Shutdown

Three Cabinet Trends for 2020

Three Cabinet Trends for 2020 Whether your clients want the latest and greatest or something more traditional, staying on top of trends will equip you to design a kitchen for every need.  Here’s a look at three hot trends shaping cabinetry...

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European cabinetry doesn’t have to mean “contemporary”

Frameless, or European style cabinets, are usually associated with sleek, modern style. With hallmark features like hidden hinges and full overlay doors, they certainly do lend the clean lines and no-fuss aesthetic that defines contemporary design....

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