Veterans at BIW

In honor of Veterans Day, this week we honor the veterans for their dedication and service to our country. We are proud to celebrate the achievements of the veterans employed here. At BIW, we are fortunate to have some veterans among our staff. Although they come from various backgrounds, the skills and work ethic of veterans are like non-other.

When we asked them what their biggest trait or skill was after serving, a lot of them talked about problem solving, hard work and discipline, being on time and on target and working as a team.


Paul Becker - President | Tim Bailey – VP of Finance & HR | Chris Korn – Shipping Lead | Scott Joarnt – WP | Mike Primus – WP

Not pictured: Jeff Novak - Driver


Continue reading to learn more about the veterans here at BIW.



Name: Christopher Korn

Branch: U.S. Air Force

Length of Service: 20 years

Job Assignment: Aircraft fuel system technician

Reason for enlisting: “My father was in the air force, so since I was a kid, I wanted to do the same. I liked the idea of traveling and working on airplanes.”



Name: Scott Joarnt

Branch: U.S. Navy

Length of Service: 22 years

Job Assignment: AC+R Tech, Diesel Tech, Law Enforcement

Reason for enlisting: “I grew up on a dairy farm near Osakis and wanted to see something different.”



Name: Mike Primus

Branch: Army National Guard

Length of Service: 7 years

Job Assignment: Infantry radio (1 year), Machine Gun (6 years)

Reason for enlisting: Vietnam Era



Name: Tim Bailey

Branch: National Guard

Length of Service: 8 years

Reason for enlisting: I wanted to serve my country, assist with college (GI Bill) and student loan repayment.



Name: Paul Becker

Branch: National Guard




Thank you to all the men and women who served. We are proud to employ veterans and eternally grateful for your sacrifice.