2022 Interior Design Trends

Can you believe the first month of 2022 is almost over? If you haven't already, it’s time to start thinking about what will be trending in this year. Along with our way of life, interior design trends are constantly changing. With so many changes, sometimes it can be hard to keep up.

Here are the predicted interior design trends for 2022.

Color choices are influenced by how we want to feel in our spaces. These pandemic years have been challenging and homeowners are leaning towards more calming and Zen-like spaces. Neutrals are perfect for that.

Dark and moody spaces have previously been popular and now we see a shift toward neutral and natural tones. This palette is still grounding and comforting like the moody palette but more subtle and calming. Layering tone on tone with neutral and natural earth tones creates a calming atmosphere but isn’t boring or plain. For more dimension, black accents and finishes pair great in these spaces.

Although people are seeking calm and peaceful spaces, they are also craving spaces that make them happy and lift their spirits. In those cases, pinks, greens, and yellows could be perfect. When these fun colors are more jewel-toned, they are also inviting and warm but not overwhelming or chaotic.

Multifunctional Spaces

Multifunctional spaces and furniture are in higher demand, likely a reflection of the extra time everyone has spent at home these past few years More time spent at home has inspired homeowners to find the diverse ways their spaces can be used. If a space to do something specific didn’t exist before, they got creative and figured something out. Multifunctional furniture came in handy for these instances and won’t be going away any time soon.

Character & Texture

Gone are the days of super clean, simple, and sleek lines. People are looking for texture and character. Textiles, textured furniture, and curved lines will be used more often throughout homes.


Minimalism has been trending for a few years now and although people love the clean and open aesthetic, we don’t expect anyone to be as strict with it anymore. People will start to mix the style with others to add more dimension and personality to their space. Japandi Design is a great solution for this. It’s a mix of Scandinavian and Japanese styles which is still very minimalist but brings in more natural elements, muted palettes, and natural light.

Going along with that, Biophilic Design, the desire to feel more connected to nature, is a style that pairs perfectly with Japandi Design. Whether that be bringing nature inside or simply adding more green colors to the space, the slight changes can ground a space and those living in it.

Sustainable Design

As we move towards more sustainable ways of living, vintage furniture will make its way to the forefront. Consumers are prioritizing smaller businesses, ethical retailers, and sustainability now more than before. Vintage pieces tend to be of higher quality, and last longer, therefore, not only do they look great, but are great for your wallet and environment.

DIY Décor

We are no stranger to DIY home décor and projects, but after spending so much time at home there is a new desire to make your home your own and there’s no better way to do that than making something yourself. Not only does it add to your home, but it’s fun to make and makes you feel good. This could range anywhere from smaller DIYs such as prints and wall hangings to larger DIYs and builds.

Hopefully, learning about these trends has inspired you for your 2022 projects, remodels, and updates.