Cabinet Corners

What are your options and How to make the most of the space?

Cabinetry is the best way to store things, especially in a kitchen, laundry room or bathroom. It stores all of your things in a way that is visually appealing and functional. A decision no one really thinks about until they have to is what type of cabinet should be used in the corner.

Corners in cabinetry can be underutilized and typically end up being where the things you use less often go to hide. However, this doesn’t have to be the case, there are more options than you probably realize. Here are our favorite ones.

Corner Types                          

The Lazy Susan

Our top recommended solution is the Lazy Susan. This type of cabinet typically uses two turntables (rotating trays) to provide easier access to what is stored in the cabinet. When it’s possible, we suggest utilizing the solid wood Susans.

The only downside to a Lazy Susan is that it does not account for every inch of space within the cabinets, the rounded shelves create an inch or two of dead space between the shelves and sides of the cabinets.

Corner Cabinets

The second cabinet we like to utilize is the corner cabinet. They are specially designed to maximize the usable space of a corner, creating an appealing and effective use of space.

For the homeowners that prefer clean right angles in their kitchen, the corner cabinet may not be for you.

Blind Corners

A Blind Corner Cabinet is a cabinet positioned at the corner between two rows of base cabinets where part of one cabinet's contents is hidden by the other row of cabinets. It’s called “blind” because you can’t see what is inside the cabinet portion that is hidden.

Since you can’t see everything in the cabinet, blind corners can be hard to keep organized.


Not everyone will like this one, but in some cases, homeowners recognize that the blind corner would just gather clutter and unused appliances, so they opt for dead space. Visually nothing is affected by doing so, but functionally, you miss out on some storage space, which depending on the kitchen may not really add up.

Now that you know your corner cabinet options, which would you prefer in the next build or remodel?