8 Daily Ways to Stay Organized in the Kitchen

Staying on top of housework can be exhausting and we know a lot of cleaning is pushed to the weekends. Sometimes there can just be too many things going on in our lives to dedicate a whole day or even afternoon to cleaning up all the messes that accumulated throughout the week. The easiest place for messes to add up, is the kitchen.


To combat the weekend deep clean, here are 8 things you can do each day to keep a tidy kitchen.


1. Clean as you go.

This one is probably the most obvious, but clean as you go. If something will take you less than 5 minutes to complete, why do we put it off until later? Later can turn into days later and then the one thing become a magnet for other clutter to gather around, after all, you were planning to get to that later anyways.

  • Wipe up any spills and/or crumbs right away.

  • Put ingredients away as you cook.

  • Never set dirty dishes on the counter, utilize spoon rests, or put them in the dish washer right away.Keep your cleaning supplies organized. 

2. Keep your cleaning supplies organized.

When you have your cleaning supplies organized and easy to grab, it makes keeping your home clean so much easier to do.

3. Create kitchen counter zones.

If you divide your kitchen up by zones, you can prevent dirtying all the kitchen counters.

4. Run the dishwasher before it’s too full.

Get in the habit of running your dish washer every night after dinner. When you do that the dishwasher will never be too full, which can cause clutter in the sink and on the counters.

5. And empty it right away.

Instead of letting the clean dishes sit there, unload them first thing in the morning (or as soon as they are done). That way as dishes get dirtied throughout the day, you can just load them directly into the dishwasher.

6. Keep your sink empty and clean.Out of habit we all put dirty dishes into the sink and once one dirty dish is in there, it is easy to keep adding others in there as well. If we keep up with unloading the dishwasher first thing in the morning the dishwasher can be the perfect spot for those dirty dishes and allow for the sink to remain empty.

Along with those dishes, sinks themselves can get extremely dirty. Be sure to clean and disinfect the sink every night after meals. This keeps it sparkling clean and deters everyone from dirtying it again.

7. Clean up right after every meal.

Don’t ever make it an option to come back to a dirty table and kitchen after a “break.” Clear the table immediately and set everyone to work until the kitchen is back in order. Then you can settle into watch some Netflix.  

8. “Shut down” the kitchen every night.Clean up after every meal and/or meal prepping. Everything should be back in its place and wiped down. Try not to put this off until after a show or during a commercial, as we stated earlier that’s an easy way for things to get put off.

Make it a habit and stick to it

Once these daily habits are created, it will be easy to keep a clean kitchen. Creating habits takes time, but soon enough you won’t even be thinking about having to empty the dishwasher in the morning or cleaning the sink after dinner, it will just be a part of your daily routine.