Cabinet upgrades spell profit for builders

Happiness is a new kitchen. It’s the focal point of the home, the place where family and friends meet to eat, greet and socialize.

The kitchen is the most important room for marketing and selling new homes—and the room where builders sell most of their upgrades, according to Professional Builder’s 2018 Kitchen and Bath survey. Consumers want them big, beautiful, and personalized to their lifestyle. And that spells p-r-o-f-i-t for custom builders and remodelers.

As home buyers demand more, it creates opportunities for you to make more. Consider this: 44% of builders surveyed said they’ve upsized kitchens over the past 2 years to accommodate their clients. And where are they dropping the most cash? On cabinetry—now a $17.8 billion industry. Follow these tips to guide your buyers to the cabinetry that best fits the design, functional and cost criteria they care about.

                                                             37% of builders say cabinets are the single biggest

                                                             feature when it comes to selling kitchen upgrades.
                                                                                              Source: Professional Builder’s 2018 Kitchen and Bath survey

Point out quality differences between cabinet lines

Many buyers don’t know what to look for, other than style preferences and price, when choosing cabinets. When you direct them to our showroom, we can point out material and construction differences that separate premium quality lines, like our Caitlin European Cabinets from lower-end counterparts. Quality, durability, greater customization and the ability to incorporate modern materials like glass or metal doors are all reasons why buyers may want to upgrade.

Upsell convenience accessories

Who doesn’t want the latest and greatest conveniences built into their new kitchen? Convenience is what’s driving most new cabinet design innovation, and many people don’t even know they need some of the great accessories now available. That is, until they see them. Turn buyers from “didn’t know I needed” to “can’t live without” by highlighting profitable accessories like these to organize and access virtually everything in the kitchen:

  • Charging stations and USB ports built into wall cabinets, countertops or drawers keep pace with today’s technology-driven lifestyles.
  • With the touch of a button, appliance lifts eliminate bending and hauling heavy mixers from the cabinet to the countertop.
  • Blind corner pullouts are replacing the Lazy Susan, making items stored in the hard-to-reach corner cabinet more accessible.
  • Pull-down shelves make the most of upper cabinets, especially those that extend all the way to the ceiling. Now you can store anything on the top shelf, not just rarely used items. It’s a great option for elderly or disabled buyers. No need for dangerous chairs or ladders.
  • Integrated lighting is built into the refrigerator. Why not illuminate a cabinet coffee nook, top shelf or deep drawer, too?

Showcase solutions that clean up the clutter

Most homeowners admit to obsessing over decluttering kitchen surfaces and putting things away. So says the 2018 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study. Showcase innovative cabinet features like these to “declutter” kitchen designs:

  • Open-sided pullouts store canned goods, spices, oils and more where they’re easy to see and reach. No more digging to the back of the cupboard to find the pepper.
  • Pull-out pot and pan drawers keep cookware neatly organized and out of sight.
  • Auto-touch and handle-free cabinet door lift systems create a sleek, streamlined look.
  • Toe-space drawers that open with a touch of the foot make efficient use of cabinetry to store sheet pans or other long, thin items.
  • A hideaway dog dish, built into a floor-level drawer, keeps pooch’s dinner under cover.

We’re here to help

Cabinet upgrades are a valuable profit opportunity. Contact Bayer Interior Woods to learn more about our full line of good, better, best cabinetry. We’ll help you create a custom kitchen your buyer will love, while you ring up higher margins.