Is an All-in-One Solution Really the Best Solution?

Why should I consider getting cabinets, closets and millwork from the same place

Building and/or remodeling a home is an exciting time, it’s your chance to pick and choose what you want in your house and make your house a home for you and your family. With everything going on and all the options available to you, you’ll have a lot of decisions to make. When you go with a manufacture that can provide an all-in-one solution, they’ll help you with those decisions and make sure your home looks the best that it can. If that sounds too good to be true, here are some more reasons why an all-in-one solution really is the best solution for your new build or remodel.

One stop shop

Throughout the process of building a home you’ll realize all the different options and services available to you. When you go with Bayer Interior Woods you can choose your cabinets, closets, and millwork all with us making order coordination a breeze. We can plan out for the products to be done in the order they need to be. Working with one company is also great because there is only one company to contact for product info, samples, delivery and even install, we call this our “One Back to Pat” approach.

Guaranteed Match Throughout the Home

When all the cabinetry, closets and millwork are manufactured in one facility there is a guaranteed match throughout the home. The trim in the bathroom could be a perfect match to the kitchen trim and cabinets.

Cohesive Home

With the guaranteed matching finishes throughout the home, your home is sure to have a cohesive look. There’s nothing better than being able to walk through a home and know that everything was designed with intension.  

Discounted price

When you decide to go with us for everything, we’ll offer you a discount on the complete package.

All in all, building with an all-in-one cabinet, closet and millwork manufacturer creates the best outcome for a home while saving you time and money.