Mark Grewe Promoted to Sales Manager

Bayer Interior Woods is pleased to announce the promotion of Mark Grewe to Sales Manager. Although Mark has only been with the company for a short time, his skill set and experience are invaluable.

Mark's leadership abilities began as a sergeant in the US Air Force in the mid-80s and have been cultivated throughout his career. As a business executive and owner of 2 businesses, he has refined the skills necessary to propel those businesses to the next level. His work has led to significant Sales, Sales Management, and Logistics Management achievements. Mark has a proven record of success developing effective processes, procedures, and complex business functions. He excels at coordinating and developing tasks of numerous internal divisions and external agencies to ensure rapid, accurate delivery of materials and resources. He has advanced expertise in reviewing sales orders, invoices, and shipping manifests to ensure accuracy and full compliance with local, state, and international customs and regulations. Mark's ability to understand the customer's needs and then deliver on those needs is unparalleled.


Areas of expertise: Distribution Management, Quality Assurance, Inventory Control, Standards Compliance, Procedures Compliance, Continuous Process Improvement, Vendor and Staff Relations, Transportation and Materials Handling, and Customer Training and Company Leadership. 


Congratulations on your new position Mark, we are thrilled to have you on board!