Summer Employees at Bayer Interior Woods

This summer we have been lucky to have nine summer employees be a part of our team. They consist of six high school students and three post-secondary students. Our employees attend high schools in Sauk Centre, Long Prairie, Swanville, and Little Falls, and the post-secondary students are seeking an education at Alexandria Technical and Community College, North Dakota State University, and the University of Minnesota Duluth.


The summer employees differ in what jobs they do here at BIW. Malory Ranta, Wyatt Swedburg, Saul Nuno Castaneda, Antonio Becker, and Lucas Kizer all work in the Finishing Department either doing the sanding, scuffing, or staining. Ben Eekhoff works in shipping, Evan Wolbeck works primarily in Assembly, Kevin Nuno Castaneda works in the Door Department helping with stile and rail cell, and Alexandra Becker works as an intern in the Marketing department and writes standard work for the production floor.

After talking with some of the summer employees, we learned some of their favorite parts about their job. Many answered that their favorite part is their coworkers. Mallory mentioned that “Everyone is super nice,” and Lucas said that he enjoys the environment here at Bayer. Antonio added that he, “feels so lucky to be working with such a supportive group of people. They are some of the best people I have ever met”. Evan mentioned that he likes that every day is different and both Saul and Wyatt mentioned that they enjoy learning how to use different tools. Ben said that he likes that he gets to move around throughout the day and Alexandra said that she enjoys getting to know other Bayer employees.


All of the summer employees have a connection to Bayer, five of them have a parent(s) who works at BIW, two have an aunt or uncle who work here, and two have a friend(s) who connected them to us. A handful of our summer employees are planning to continue working at Bayer part time during the school year. We enjoy having our summer employees here and are thankful for all that they do.