2021 Mudroom Trends

5 Tips for designing your mudroom

Right now, it seems like everyone has a project that they are working on in their homes, and mudrooms are no exception. Are you looking to update your mudroom and make it trendier? Follow these five tips for mudroom inspiration.

1. Built-Ins

A trendy and useful way to utilize the space in your mudroom is by installing built-ins. They can help with storage and organization, while looking trendy and beautiful.

They are Great For Storage

Adding built-ins is the best way to maximize storage in your mudroom. This can be done by having closed cabinets, shelves, or locker style built-ins. Here you can put coats, shoes, winter and outside gear, and other belongings that you like to keep in your mudroom, while having a designated spot for everything.

Give Each Person Their Own Space

Mudrooms can get messy and crowded; a great way to combat that is by giving everyone in your household their own space to put their things. A great way to accomplish this is by installing locker style cabinets. With this style of cabinets, everyone knows which space is theirs and can easily find what they need.


2. Lighting

Lighting is an important element in any room. Focusing on bringing more light into to a typically poorly lit room, like a mudroom, can make a huge difference.

Utilize Natural Light

When trying to bring natural light into a space, it is important to not block off any available windows and even consider adding a door with a window. Doing so can help bring in light from outside or from other rooms that you otherwise would not have.

Add Lights to Shelving

You do not always need natural light or help from an electrician to bring more light into a space. Consider adding battery operated LED lights to cabinets or shelving in your mudroom. They can be motion sensor, app activated, or remote operated lights that can brighten up an otherwise dark area. This is helpful when trying to find items that are stored away.

3. Add Design Elements

Adding your own style to your home can be fun, especially in your mudroom. Try out these tips to make your mudroom more inviting.


Try adding some texture to your mudroom by incorporating different finishes, accent colors, and flooring. You could accomplish this by adding shiplap to a wall, putting in a unique tile flooring, or incorporating textured storage bins like wicker or fabric baskets.

Decorate Empty Areas

Add in personal touches by decorating empty shelves, blank walls, and benches with photos, plants, and pillows.

4. Add a Space For Your Pets

Mudrooms can be used by everyone in your household, including pets. Try incorporating a space for your pets in your new mudroom.

Incorporate an Area For Them

There are many ways you can create an area for your pet in a mudroom. A few ideas include incorporating a pet bed or litter box in your cabinets, creating a space for food bowls, or having a designated spot to store pet food.

5. Look Into Adding a Washing Station

A mudroom can sometimes be a messy place. It can be a high traffic area, which can track a lot of dirt and mud into the space. Consider adding a sink or laundry area to help minimize the mess by designating a space to wash up.

Consider Adding a Sink

Having a sink in your mudroom has many benefits. A few include being able to wash up after working outside, easy access to wash off any items that you do not want to bring completely into your house, and the option to fill up water bottles and pet drinking bowls quickly and easily.

Think About Combining Your Mudroom and Laundry Room

More often homeowners have been combining their mudroom and laundry room. This can be a great option if you would like your laundry room to be on your main floor, if your mudroom has a lot of extra space, and if you would like quick and easy access to your laundry room on your way out the door.



Whether you are making small quick changes to your mudroom, or doing a complete renovation, I hope that you found these tips helpful.