5 Things to Consider When Designing a Custom Closet System

How many custom closets have you designed in your life? If the answer is zero, you are not alone. Closet design requires a unique skill set and not something the average homeowner, builder, or remodeler has ever done. If you jump into it without knowing what you're doing, your design could be plagued by problems that will become apparent only after your client has already moved in and it is too late to rectify. Not sure what those problems might be? Consider these:

  1.  Plan enough room for shoes. The average woman has 31 pairs and men, 8. (Imelda Marcos had 1,063 pairs)
  2.  Design a closet to fit a flexible wardrobe. Everyone’s mix of clothing is different and changes as styles come and go.
  3.  Visualize the closet space. Offer a 3D drawing so your client can see how they would move around in the space.
  4.  Make sure the shelves are deep enough. (It is a bad look when folded clothes hang over the edge of a shelf.)
  5.  Include drawers in the design. So, they do not misplace those socks, underwear, and belts. (The average person loses 1.3 socks per month, 15 a year!)

If you need help in creating a smart, beautiful, and efficient closet or pantry system think ShelVi.