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Selecting the Perfect Paint Color for your Cabinets

As you’ve seen on our recent blog posts, there are A LOT of options available when it comes to finishing your cabinets. One of the most popular ones is paint, it provides the smoothest finish and has that modern look. Even after you’ve...

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What is TFL and Why Should you Use it?

TFL is a common material to use when building cabinets. Although it’s common, not many people know exactly what it is or understand the benefits of it. TFL cabinets and solid wood cabinets have the same functions, so what’s the...

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How to Use Different Tones of Stain

Stained finishes have been making a comeback, with their traditional style and natural feel we’re seeing full kitchens or accents of stained wood being used more and more commonly. Although. white cabinets will always be popular, using stain is...

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